About Us

Based in Alden, NY, and operating at a state of the art, majestic 6000-square foot facility, JP Food Trucks provides top-of-the-line, highly customized food truck and trailer solutions at budget-friendly prices and swift timelines! With our rigorous experience in the industry, we take pride in providing customers with unsurpassed quality, attention to detail, and highly responsive customer service. Along with designing, engineering, and building new trucks and trailers, we offer modifications, retrofits, and repairs to existing food trucks and trailers at tremendously competitive prices.
Unlike any typical food truck manufacturer, we’re a small boutique builder, which enables us to provide personal attention to our valued customers, down to the most intricate detail, as everything we build is specifically tailored to the demands of our customers. As a business-to-business provider involved in logistics, we understand that time is a tremendously scarce and crucial resource for any commercial entity. That is why we ensure a 100% on-time delivery—without compromising quality.

We Making a Positive Impact Across The Globe.

Customer feedback is the key to our success—we are a customer centric-organization that capitalizes on your criticism to refine our product portfolio and service quality. Thus, for seamless communication of ideas, we have an on-site food truck simulator (at our facility)—a modular food truck body and a life-size replica of common equipment to enable us to set up a truck exactly how the customer wants to set it up. This allows our clientele to have the flexibility to adjust according to ergonomics, feel, and cooking flow.