Team Behind The Success

Meet Our Team

Meet our highly talented, ambitious, and accommodating team of visionaries and experts that operate with a customer-centric approach and winner's mentality.

Ericc Mott

Ericc is new to the food truck industry but comes to us with substantial experience in fabrication, carpentry, and mechanical knowledge. Ericc is currently being trained on the process we follow to build food trucks and trailers! We are excited to have Ericc on our team!

PJ Azzarella

PJ Azzarella is the President of the business and will manage all business and financial operations. PJ will oversee sales, procurement, HR, and financing related to food truck sales and services.

Jamie Gutek

Jamie “Mr. Food Truck” Gutek is our VP of Operations and manages the business’s day-to-day operations. Jamie will be your point of contact to design, build, manage customer acceptance visits, and train food truck operators to properly use their new trucks.

Wayne Cross

Wayne Cross is our master fabricator and builder. Wayne brings 30 years of experience to the table! His focus is on quality and expert craftsmanship! Wayne is a certified Cummins repair technician. Wayne is here to turn your food truck dream into a reality!

Jake Gerevics

Jake Gerevics is our lead welder and CNC operator. Jake has been welding for 15 years but is relatively new to the food truck industry. His focus is on producing high-quality welds that are aesthetically pleasing! Jake is also a Cummins certified repair technician!