Our Services

JP Food Trucks, LLC offers a vast collection of food truck and trailer-related services to fulfill your needs. We aim to provide top-notch service quality to deliver the utmost satisfaction to our clients!

Build A New Truck Or Get An Existing One Revamped!

Give us details about your ideal food truck, and we'll throw together a personalized quote for you. Not certain about all the details? Our food truck specialists are here to answer your questions and prepare you for the incredible journey ahead of you.
  • Initiate a truck design session.
  • Communication throughout the build process.
  • Coordinate outside truck design
  • Arrange customer acceptance visit
  • Provide food truck training video

Prices depends on specific truck requirements


Repair Existing Food Trucks And Trailers

We address all the issues with your existing trailers and evaluate their condition with great attention to detail—providing repairs professionally and at affordable prices.
  • Test water system for leaks
  • Test gas lines and tanks for leaks
  • Examine roof for leaks
  • Inspect inside of truck for loose items and secure
  • Inspect outside of truck for potential issues

Starting at $100.00; any issues discovered will be priced on a time and material basis

Winterizing Your Existing Food Truck Or Trailer

Winters can be pretty brutal! If your food truck or trailer is not equipped to withstand the cold, it would not be possible for you to use them. JP Trucks offers basic winterizing services to help you get through the snowy season.
  • Blowing out the water lines.
  • Removing the hot water tank.
  • Reinstalling the hot water tank before your season starts.
  • Removing the water pump.
  • Reinstalling the water pump before your season starts.

Starting at $80.00


Additional Winterizing For Trailer Anti-Freeze

Depending on where you operate, it's important to go for additional winterizing for your RVs and food trucks so that you keep them warm & and lively in extreme weather conditions.
  • Installing an antifreeze pump converter to fill the system.
  • Ensuring that the Hot water tank and the pump stay in the truck.
  • Filling lines with up to 6 gallons of antifreeze.
  • Flushing the system before your season starts.

Starting at $210.00